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Our Contribution to a Cleaner Planet

For many years, we have been performing dentistry using the power of the sun. High Noon Solar, a local solar power contractor, installed a 10 KW photovoltaic system on our rooftop in late March, 2009. The system consists of 44 solar panels which generate an average of 1,350 kilowatt-hours per month or about one third of our monthly power consumption.

The system has no moving parts and therefore, very little maintenance. The project is expected to payout in about 10 years and the panels should last 20 to 25 years. As our dentist—Dr. Julie Gillis—noted, “It makes long term economic sense, but it also feels good knowing we’re generating a portion of our power rather than just consuming.”

So the next time you’re leaving the office, check out the SunPower monitor (shown here) by Shelly’s desk to see how much power is being captured from the sun.