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Can a Tooth Crown Move a Tooth?

One front tooth, a lateral incisor is severely tipped towards the tongue in this otherwise beautiful smile.

By placing a crown on the tipped tooth, it looks as though the tooth has been mover into better alignment!

Sometimes teeth erupt in funny locations.  Sometimes you are happy with your smile except for one tooth!  Did any of you answer the question, “Can a tooth crown move a tooth?”  If your answer was no. you are mostly correct.  I say mostly correct because a crown placed that is very tight and that pushes on the adjacent teeth may actually cause those teeth to move slightly to even the pressure.  But, like the picture shows, a new crown or veneers can make it look like your tooth or teeth have moved into a better position!

Our patient wanted options to improve her smile.  Her request was for us to be as conservative as possible both to save  on the overall cost and also to minimize treatment of the adjacent teeth.  Full braces had been offered in the past with a treatment time of over two years and at a significant cost.  Although this was a good option, our patient did not want to go through braces.  She felt the other teeth were pretty straight and healthy.  We offered the option of placing a bonded all porcelain crown and minimal reshaping of the adjacent teeth to achieve a nice, conservative result.  Our patient was thrilled with this option and elected to proceed ASAP with treatment.

Upper right lateral incisor is tipped in and the adjacent teeth overlap and ‘lock in’ this position.

Minimal reshaping of the adjacent canine and central incisor would provide the space needed to create a normal sized lateral incisor that looked like the teeth were in better alignment.  The upper right lateral incisor was tipped in and the adjacent teeth overlap and ‘lock in’ this position.  Because her right central incisor flared out slightly where it overlapped the lateral the shaping along the side of the tooth helped this tooth to look like it was also in better alignment.

The porcelain crown on the lateral incisor nicely matches the adjacent teeth and makes the alignment look much better.

Does tooth shaping hurt?

This depends on the amount of tooth that is removed.  In this case, shaping was done completely within the outer layer of tooth or within the enamel so there was no sensitivity either while the shaping was done or afterward.

The appearance of orthodontic treatment with just one crown.

The all porcelain bonded crown on the lateral incisor nicely matches the adjacent teeth and because of the way it was shaped, makes the alignment look much better.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Our office specializes in giving our patients options to achieve the results they are looking for.  Dr. Gillis works with very talented lab technicians to deliver results that are beautiful and natural looking.  It is also important to Dr. Gillis that you are able to clean around all of your teeth to make them last as long as possible.   Notice how healthy the gum tissue looks around this new crown.  Our patient and our office was very happy with this result!  If you would like further information about options to improve your smile, please call our office at (970) 242-3635.  We would love to meet you and offer options for you to help achieve the healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams!

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis D.D.S.

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