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The PROFORM Nightguard to Protect Your Teeth From Clenching and Grinding

Do the holidays have you clenching or grinding your teeth?  Too much fun with your in-laws? Or are you someone that just naturally clenches or grinds their teeth – especially at night when it is difficult to prevent this trauma from happening?

Then you are likely to benefit from something like a PROFORM Nightguard!

Clenching and grinding of the teeth is also known as bruxism.   This can be a very destructive habit!

Bruxism is the grinding of teeth.  Teeth are pretty strong, but they are meant for the chewing of food which may account for 10 to 20 minutes of actual contact time over a day.  Clenching and grinding (Bruxism) can cause the teeth to wear against each other for hours each day.  Over time this bruxism may cause irreversible damage. Patients may clench or grind their teeth during the daytime or at night.  This grinding can damage the teeth, jaw joints, the muscles of mastication (chewing) or even the bone around the teeth.  It is usually the weakest of these four things that has the most damage.  By covering the teeth, the Proform Nightguard protects them from further wear.  A Proform nightguard as well as other types of splints may actually help you break this destructive habit!  having an appliance between the upper and lower teeth acts to consciously and subconsciously remind you not to clench or grind your teeth.  And, the appliance can be made on either the upper or the lower jaw.  So, not only is the Proform Nightguard protective, it is also good looking!  Okay, protecting teeth helps keep us good looking.

Proform Soft Splints

Proform Soft Splint and hard acrylic splints.

The benefits of a Proform appliance or splint/night-guard:

In our office we make several types of bruxism appliances or splints including the Proform Nightguard. The most durable is a hard acrylic splint that covers all the teeth of one arch and is adjusted to obtain an ideal occlusion with the opposing dental arch.  This type of splint is best for patients who continue to clench and grind their teeth even with an appliance in place.

The Proform appliance is less expensive than a hard splint and is often easier for the patient to get used to.  Splints only protect the teeth  if they are actually worn!  The Proform type of soft night guard can be adjusted minimally to make the bite more even but it cannot direct biting forces evenly throughout the jaw or allow anterior guidance and disclusion like a hard splint can.  We also make an NTI appliance which can reduce the muscle forces from grinding by over 80%. Our soft PROFORM appliance is much less expensive and is often enough protection to allow the jaw muscles to relax and protect the teeth.

Do you even need an appliance like the Proform?  If some type of appliance is needed, our office will carefully explain – in as much detail as you would like – how you might benefit from this type of treatment or if it is even needed!  Our office would be happy to review your treatment options so that you can make the best decisions regarding your dental care. We want our patients to select the best treatment for their needs – now and in the future!

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Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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