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Athletic Mouthguards or Sport guards

How do you help prevent the kind of impact trauma seen here?

Prevent this:

Impact tauma to front teeth may be prevented with an athletic mouthguard.

With this:

Athletic Mouthguards can prevent these types of traumatic injuries.  Our office makes several types of Athletic or Sports Mouthguards with varying degrees of protection.  What you need depends on your sport of choice and perhaps, how aggressively you play. Some appliances can be made with a ‘helmet strap’ attached.  Some are available in your choice of color or colors and you can even add names and graphics to the guard.

A simple nightguard like the ones shown below can give you some degree of protection from an impact.  The thicker, multilayered guards are much more protective and probably slightly less comfortable to wear.

Hard or soft nightguards can double as Athletic  Mouthguards or Sport Mouthguards and offer some protection although not as much as an a mouthguard specifically designed for this.

We would prefer that you wear some type of appliance to protect your teeth and the gums and bone that surrounds them with some type of athletic mouthguard.  Please call our office at (970) 242-3635 for more information!

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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