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Photos Showing Self Oral Cancer Exam and Information

March 22, 2013

Filed under: Oral Cancer,Oral Cancer screening,Oral Hygiene — Tags: , , — Dr Gillis @ 12:15 am

Photos Showing Self Oral Cancer Evaluation We have featured a couple blogs about evaluating your own dental work.  I feel it is very important to take an active roll in the health of your mouth.  The more familiar you are with what is going on in your own mouth, the more you will be able to determine when something changes or when something is not […]

X-rays Showing Decay and ‘Bad’ Fillings

March 12, 2013

Bad Dental Work?  Decay? Defective Fillings Can Cause Serious Problems! Patients should expect their dentist to provide the highest quality dental care.  While patients aren’t expected to be able to read their own x-rays, I feel it may be helpful to show you some problems we sometimes see around defective dental work.  The very bright or white areas on these x-rays are where silver dental […]

Can patients evaluate their own dental work?

March 6, 2013

Filed under: Customer Service,Dental Hygiene,General Dentistry — Tags: , — Dr Gillis @ 1:15 am

As a patient it would be helpful to be able to see what my dentist sees! Our previous blog discussed problems that can be seen on an x-ray.  Some problems can be seen just by looking at your teeth.  See the photos of defective restorations here.   Although it is difficult to see your own teeth, you should try to inspect your teeth in your […]