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Prescription Narcotics or Opioids Are Prescribed Too Often!

December 29, 2016

Filed under: Pain control,Pain Medications — Tags: , , — Dr Gillis @ 9:45 pm

Narcotics or Opioids Are Prescribed Too Frequently! Prescription Narcotics or Opioids have contributed to too many deaths recently! The over prescribing of narcotic pain relievers had become a big problem.  An article in the June 2016 COMPENDIUM had these things to say about pain prescriptions and pain management.  A 2015 study showed that it takes less tablets of fast acting Ibuprofen 400mg to obtain 50% […]

Flossing, necessary or optional??

December 14, 2016

Filed under: Dental floss,Dental Hygiene,Oral Hygiene,Uncategorized — Dr Gillis @ 1:43 am

Flossing, necessary or optional?? People are still asking is it necessary to floss?  They read the recent news article that said in effect that no studies have proven that flossing is beneficial.   Many people were left questioning, ‘flossing, necessary or optional?’ It is amazing to me what a controversy a news article can cause.  The simple answer is YES we should floss! Let me […]

You Just Had a Tooth Filling. Was It Done Well?

December 3, 2016

Filed under: Fillings,General Dentistry — Tags: — Dr Gillis @ 12:13 am

So, you just had a tooth filling? Can you tell if it was done well? Can you tell if your dentist is concerned about the quality of his or her treatment? What should you expect to feel? Was your tooth filling done well?  This can be a very difficult question to answer! This article discusses some of the things patients should be aware of to evaluate […]