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Athletic Mouthguards or Sport guards

March 30, 2018

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Athletic Mouthguards or Sportguards How do you help prevent the kind of impact trauma seen here? Prevent this: With this:             Athletic Mouthguards can prevent these types of traumatic injuries.  Our office makes several types of Athletic or Sports Mouthguards with varying degrees of protection.  What you need depends on your sport of choice and perhaps, how aggressively you play. […]

Snoring Appliances may also benefit Sleep Apnea!

March 21, 2018

Filed under: Snoring and Sleep Apnea — Tags: — Dr Gillis @ 9:02 am

Snoring Appliances and Sleep Apnea       Our office has made snoring appliances for our patients for over 25 years.  So, we are good at it!  We now offer a few different kinds of snoring appliances depending on the situation.   This durable snoring appliance has been worn by our patient for several years.  He brings it with him to our office for regular […]

Immediate Denture Home Care

March 12, 2018

Filed under: Dentures and Partial Dentures — Tags: — Dr Gillis @ 1:16 am

HOME CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR IMMEDIATE DENTURES Provided by Julie M Gillis DDS                  Phone: (970) 242-3635 Immediate Denture Home Care: An Immediate denture is a denture inserted on the day of tooth extractions.  The denture covers and protects the surgical sites and allows for immediate function.  The patient does not have to go without teeth during the healing phase.  There are a few important things to […]

Night Guards – What are they? Who needs them?

March 2, 2018

Filed under: Night guard,Removable Dental Appliances — Tags: — Dr Gillis @ 7:12 am

Night guards! Night Guards – What are they? Who needs them? Do you need a night guard? What is a night guard?  Is a night guard the same as a mouth guard? How are night guards made?  These questions and more are answered here! If you clench or grind your teeth at night – or during the day – you are not alone!  You may […]