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Full Mouth Restorations Inc. Surgery

September 16, 2021

Full Mouth Restorations & Periodontal Plastic Surgery When is it necessary to complete Full Mouth Restorations & Periodontal Plastic Surgery? Let’s start this discussion by looking at a dental situation where Full Mouth Restorations are the best treatment for the patient’s concerns.  This case also demonstrates a situation where Periodontal Plastic Surgery significantly improved the outcome. Jody’s main concerns: Alignment – The teeth used to […]

‘Reverse Smiles’ and Options to Correct

January 23, 2021

What is a ‘Reverse Smile’? and Options to Correct a ‘Reverse Smile‘.   Have you heard the term, ‘Reverse Smile‘?  What does that mean?  What is a ‘reverse smile‘ and what are some options to correct this? A reverse smile is simply a when the edges of the upper teeth follow along a reverse or inverted curve to the lower lip. This is like the […]

What Can Be Done About Brown or Black Areas on the Gums?

August 2, 2019

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You, or someone you know may have discolorations on the gums that look like the photo of our patient above. The areas shown here are melanotic macules or flat brown or black pigmented areas.  They are harmless and may have been present since birth.  Doctors are not exactly sure what causes these ‘freckle-like’ areas to occur.  Some people develop areas like this later in life.  […]

Gingival Papilloma or Lump on the Gums – Concern?

January 19, 2017

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What is a gingival papilloma?  Should you be concerned if you think you have one?  What treatments are available? Small lump seen on gums between the central incisor and the lateral incisor in the photo to the left is a gingival papilloma.   A gingival papilloma is simply a lump of tissue on the gums as seen in this photograph.  The gingival papilla is a […]

Using Gum Surgery or Gingival Plastic Surgery to Enhance a Smile

October 21, 2015

Filed under: Gum Surgery,Smile Makeover — Tags: , , , — Dr Julie Gillis @ 9:57 pm

Using Gum Surgery or Gingival Plastic Surgery to Enhance a Smile It may sound complicated, but gum surgery or gingival plastic surgery can be an easy and comfortable procedure! In our Grand Junction office we use either a diode laser or electro-surgery to carefully remove tissue to complete the gum surgery.  This can be an easy addition to a treatment plan to achieve better aesthetics […]

Trauma Can Fracture Teeth and Permanently Damage Gums!

March 17, 2015

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Trauma Can Fracture Teeth and Permanently Damage Gums. This can cause a gingival defect known as gum recession. Luckily this patient does not show a lot of gum tissue when she smiles as trauma like this will almost always leave an area of  gum recession on the root surface.  Gum Recession or gingival recession is the term used when the gums move apically or away from […]

How might a soft tissue, diode laser help you?

October 21, 2011

I’m excited to tell you about our new diode lasers. I feel this technology will improve the way we manage periodontal disease, perform soft tissue surgeries and biopsies, and even help patients during orthodontic care. After careful evaluation and many hours of training, we now have two diode lasers. I was so excited about the possible benefits to our patients; I knew that one would […]