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What Are the Dark Areas/Brown or Black Discolorations on My Gums?

November 17, 2019

Filed under: Customer Service,Esthetic Dentistry,Oral Cancer screening — Tags: — Dr Julie Gillis @ 3:19 am

First of all: What Are the Dark Areas/Black Patches/Discolorations on My Gums? You, or someone you know may have discolorations on the gums that look like the photo of our patient above. These areas shown here are melanotic macules or flat brown pigmented areas.  They are harmless and may have been present since birth.  Doctor are not exactly sure what causes these ‘freckle-like’ areas to […]

Yikes! What is That Lump In My Mouth?

March 12, 2014

Filed under: Customer Service,Oral Cancer screening,Tori or Dental Tori — Tags: , — Dr Julie Gillis @ 12:16 am

That hard lump could be a harmless bone growth called a tori! Tori are also known as Torus or exostoses. It is always a good idea to examine your mouth thoroughly looking for anything unusual: Check for growths – are they hard, soft? Note the size. Check for sores – especially sores that do not heal within two weeks. Check for any inflammation usually noted […]

What are Tori, And Why Do I Have Them?

December 12, 2013

Filed under: Oral Cancer screening,Tori or Dental Tori — Tags: , — Dr Julie Gillis @ 5:34 pm

  What are Tori, And Why Do I Have Them? Tori are simply bony growths in the upper or lower jaws. A Torus mandibularis (pl. tori mandibular) (or mandibular torus (pl. mandibular tori) in English) is a bony growth on the Mandible or the lower jaw.  Mandibular tori are usually present on the tongue side of the jaw near the bicuspids ( also known as premolars).  […]

Photos Showing Self Oral Cancer Exam and Information

March 22, 2013

Filed under: Oral Cancer,Oral Cancer screening,Oral Hygiene — Tags: , , — Dr Julie Gillis @ 12:15 am

Photos Showing Self Oral Cancer Evaluation We have featured a couple blogs about evaluating your own dental work.  I feel it is very important to take an active roll in the health of your mouth.  The more familiar you are with what is going on in your own mouth, the more you will be able to determine when something changes or when something is not […]

How to do a self Oral Cancer Examination!

January 21, 2013

Filed under: Customer Service,Oral Cancer,Oral Cancer screening,Uncategorized — Tags: — Dr Julie Gillis @ 7:23 pm

Self Oral Cancer Examination Completing an oral cancer evaluation should be part of everyone’s normal weekly routine.  My treatment assistant, Julie, and business assistant, Shelly, will help demonstrate good technique for performing your own oral cancer examination.     We love to give our patient’s information and options about their dental treatment and about getting and keeping their mouth as healthy as possible!  Dr. Gillis has advanced […]

Oral Cancer – Don’t be a Statistic

December 5, 2011

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This oral cancer information brought to you by my treatment assistant, Julie ORAL CANCER Almost 37,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year in the U.S. The fastest growing segment of the oral cancer population are people between the ages of  25 – 50 .  This surge in oral cancer is from an oncogenic virus, known as HPV16.  This is a virus that does […]