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Professional Cleanings and Exams – Are They Necessary?

December 21, 2017

Is this mouth healthy? You cannot tell just by looking.

Professional Cleanings and Exams – Are They Necessary?

An alternate title for this might be, “Isn’t it pretty obvious if I have a problem with my teeth or my mouth?  Why not wait I am concerned to have a professional cleaning and exam?”

Your dentist and dental hygienist can determine why the gums look different are positioned differently on the two upper centrals.  This is one of many benefits of a professional exam and cleaning!

Your dentist will be able to tell you if the dark area below this crown is okay to leave as is.

Is the mouth above healthy? Are their conditions that can’t be seen or felt?  Would you be surprised if I told you that there is a problem with the right front tooth? The gums are uneven and slightly red here for a reason and it will take a professional exam and cleaning and an x-ray to determine the reason!

Look closer at the lower left.  Is there a reason the tooth is so black here?  It doesn’t hurt.  These photos are only to help make you realize that you can’t often see what is going on in your own mouth and it is good to have a thorough examination and Professional cleaning as often as necessary to keep you healthy.  Our office knows that there is no substitute for an excellent quality professional cleaning and exam!

This patient thinks they are healthy. Thinks gums are healthy. Are they?

Professional cleanings and exams are a necessary part of your overall health care.  In our office when you are scheduled for these services, we are also evaluating your mouth for signs of oral cancer and other diseases.  We evaluate your jaw joint, your bite, the muscles that make chewing possible and we compare our findings to what was occurring at your previous visits.  And, of course, we check the health of your teeth and gums.

This patient feels their mouth is healthy.  They floss often (see the lines where floss went through the tartar between the teeth?).  They were unaware of bleeding gums and gum disease.  This inflammation could progress to irreversible bone loss between the teeth.  So, even though it is painless, only a dental professional and a thorough professional cleaning and exam can treat this infection.

Even severe gum disease like the photo shown above will be not be painful.   The patient may be unaware of this condition which is easily treated with professional dental care.

If you would like to save money and have the healthiest mouth possible, it is necessary to do these things:

  • Brush and floss your teeth (or do something that is as good as brushing and flossing)
  • Eat and drink a healthy diet
  • Visit your dentist and dental hygienist regularly

Problems with your teeth and gums are often not easily visible even by a dentist.  Decay (rotting) of the teeth may occur on any tooth surface susceptible to decay and may be below the gums or between the teeth where an x-ray is needed to evaluate for decay.  Tooth decay is painless until the decay progresses close enough to the tooth nerve to cause damage.  Think $$$ and possible loss of your tooth!  Gum disease and periodontal disease is also painless.  We see many people with these diseases that say their gums never bleed and we see bleeding with a gentle puff of air blown on the gums.  It is very easy to miss the signs and symptoms of mouth diseases like cancer, decay, gum disease and periodontal disease!

Our office cares about your health.  Please ask us about any concerns you might have!

Yours for better dental health, Julie Gillis DDS AAACD

Restoring Smiles/Restoring Health

Dental Treatment is More Comfortable With an Isolite!

January 26, 2016

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The Isolite – Making Dental Treatment More Comfortable and Safer!

Dental treatment doesn't have to be scary!

Dental treatment doesn’t have to be scary!

Patients hate or at least don’t usually like having their teeth worked on.  Dental treatment is often avoided due to discomfort, so whatever we can do to make dental visits easier and more comfortable for our patients the better!  One of the things they do not like is having work done on their teeth and dealing with all the water spray.  Also the spray of powdered old fillings and decay can be annoying.  To help make your visit more comfortable, our office uses an Isolite during dental treatment.  See the video below to see how the use of an Isolite just might make you more comfortable and safer!

In our office we use the Isolite for all types of dental treatment that may involve water spray such as tooth colored fillings, crown and bridge preparations, periodontal treatment and any bonding procedure where we must be able to achieve good isolation and protection from water or saliva.  Most importantly, the Isolite makes having dental treatment more comfortable, safer and faster for our patients!

Pleased to have dental treatment completed from our caring, gentle team!

Pleased to have dental treatment completed from our caring, gentle team!

We hope you will always feel comfortable enough to tell us what we can do to make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible.  We have all had dentistry on our teeth so we know how we want to be treated. Our office will do what we can to pass this knowledge and gentle dental care along to you and yours!

Contact our Grand Junction office at (970) 242-3635. Or visit us on Facebook!  We would love for you to “Like” or “follow” us! And please let us know if you have other ideas that would help us do our job even better.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS

Restoring Teeth, Restoring Smiles!


Grand Junction Dentist Julie M Gillis

January 19, 2016

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Cosmetic and General Dentist Julie M Gillis sees patients from Grand Junction, Clifton, Fruita, and Palisade Colorado as well as surrounding communities on the Western Slope of Colorado and beyond.

      Some of dentist Dr Julie Gillis‘ patients wanted to tell others what they like about coming to our dental office.  We get it that most people do not like coming to see the dentist!  But we will do our best to try and make your visit as comfortable as possible!


We hope you would like Dr Gillis to be your dentist as well!

What Helps Dental Patients To Be Comfortable?

January 14, 2016

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Dental offices can do many things to help patients feel more relaxed and more comfortable during their dental treatment.  Here are some of the things our Grand Junction, Colorado office is doing for our patients for any type of dental treatment from a routine cleaning to a longer appointment for porcelain veneers!  Please let us know if you have suggestions! We are always searching for ways to make our patients more comfortable while they are having any kind of treatment in our office.  Our office specialized in keeping our patients comfortable during their treatment for Porcelain Veneers, Composite Resin Restorations Periodontal Treatment, Crowns, Bridges, Implants, and Comprehensive care!

How about an appointment for Porcelain Veneers?

Following conservative treatment with porcelain veneers.

Following conservative treatment with porcelain veneers.

Prior to conservative treatment with porcelain veneers.

Prior to conservative treatment with porcelain veneers.

Let’s say you have been thinking about having porcelain veneers completed and you have selected our office for your porcelain veneer treatment.  (Congratulations!  We think this is a great decision!)  You were hesitating having the porcelain veneers completed because you didn’t know if you could be comfortable that long in a dental chair.  We do the following things in our office to make your time with feel like it goes faster and help you to be more comfortable while having your porcelain veneers completed.

  • Premedication to help with anxiety if desired
  • Comfortable headphones with a large variety of music selections on preloaded I pod Shuffles
  • Blankets
  • A selection of head, neck and back pillows
  • Memory foam dental chairs
  • Safety or dark glasses
  • Chap-stick or lip balm and vaseline
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Smoothies, fruit juices, coffee, tea and/or water (any temperature!)
  • Several Payment options

Click on the link below to see a short video where we display some of the things our office is currently doing for all of our patients whether they come in for Porcelain Veneers, a short visit, a long visit or anything in between!  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!


Restoring Smiles, Restoring Health in Western Colorado

September 15, 2015

Canted midline and opaque porcelain make this smile less attractive than it could be.

Canted midline and opaque porcelain crowns make this smile less attractive than it could be.

 There are many reasons to replace crowns – poor aesthetics is one of them!

Restoring Smiles, Restoring Health with Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

This is our office‘s byline, so it is fun to show one of many beautiful results!  All-porcelain crowns replace the existing porcelain fused to metal crowns that had metal below the porcelain.  Metal is often used to strengthen and support porcelain in dental crowns, however we currently have better, stronger, more aesthetic all-porcelain crowns available for our patients!

White and straight is 'beautiful' in almost all cultures!

Same smile improved with all-porcelain crowns!  White and straight is ‘beautiful’ in almost all cultures!


Up close you can see defective crown margins and the bone loss that has occured

Up close you can see defective porcelain fused to metal crown margins and the bone loss that has occurred.


Gorgeous smile highlights a beautiful face!

Gorgeous smile highlights a beautiful face!







The porcelain crowns done previously for this lovely lady were opaque due to the underlying metal.  The existing porcelain crowns were too large for the patient’s mouth, her smile line was canted, the margins of several of the crowns were defective meaning that bacteria could get below the crown edges and cause decay, and the midline was not vertical as it should be!

Note the much improved smile with cosmetic dentistry in the Grand Junction, Colorado office of Dr. Julie Gillis with cosmetic dentistry and all porcelain crowns!  Our office sees patients from all over the Western slope including Grand Junction, Aspen, Palisade, Clifton, Fruita, and many surrounding communities.  Please call our office at (970) 242-3635 for information on all porcelain crowns, cosmetic dentistry, or just ways to make your mouth healthier or your smile brighter!

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