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Fifth Annual Free Dental Day, November 8th, 2014



Our Fifth Annual Free Dental Day was November 8th, 2014

Screening For Free Dental Day was November 7th, 2014

Scenes from previous Free Dental Day's

Scenes from previous Free Dental Day’s

 What is it?

Four local dentists hosted their fifth annual Free Dental Day in Grand Junction. The dental offices of Dr. Julie Gillis, Dr. Kenneth Perino, Dr. Joe Funderburk, and Dr. Duane Weenig offered basic dental treatment to persons who were unable to otherwise afford dental care. Services included oral cancer screenings, x-rays, cleanings, fillings and extractions.

Sharing the 'love'!

Sharing the ‘love’!

High Five for our Fifth Annual Free Dental Day!

High Five for our Fifth Annual Free Dental Day!

 Who qualified for this dental care?

This event was first come, first served, and we hoped to limit treatment to people who are unable to otherwise afford dental care.

 How did people sign up for treatment?

What will the theme for this year be?

What will the theme for this year be?

Patients were screened November 7, 2014 at the office of Dr. Julie Gillis, 1190 Bookcliff Avenue, Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO, to evaluate their dental needs.  Each patient will be offered one to two procedures and will be given specific appointment times, locations, and directions for their treatment. Actual treatment will be completed on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the offices of Dr. Gillis, Dr. Perino/Dr. Funderburk and Dr. Weenig.

 What started the Free Dental Day?

Dr. Gillis thought of the idea for a Free Dental Day a few years ago. “I wanted a way to give back to this community which has given me so much. To offer even more services to more people, I enlisted the help of Dr. Perino, an oral surgeon, and Dr. Weenig, a periodontist, for our first Free Dental Day held in September, 2010. The decision was unanimous that we should repeat this service annually.” With Dr Funderburk, an oral surgeon, joining us we should be able to see even more patients for this year’s Free Dental Day!

 For additional information, contact:

 Dr. Gillis’ office (970) 242-3635

Dr. Perino and Dr. Funderburk’s office (970) 241-2820 or (800) 262-2820

Dr. Weenig’s office (970) 243-9640 or (800) 339-6123

So how did it go?

Our turn out was much smaller this year than in years past so the patients that did show up for treatment received more than the usual one or two procedures per patient. Patients received a combination of treatment including oral cancer examinations, limited evaluations, extractions, composite restorations, fluoride treatments, desensitizing treatments and x-rays.  It was pleasure to be able to offer our services and give something back to the community that has offered us so much!