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How our office is using Perio Protect Perio Trays

Patient wearing Perio Trays and the gel that is placed inside the trays.

This blog describes how our office is using Perio Trays.  We are loving the results!

If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, there are many options for treatment.  This is great because we are not all alike and finding the right treatment can mean the difference between success – saving our teeth and gums or failure – losing your teeth and gums and jaw bone!  Your dentist should offer a variety of treatments for these very common and destructive diseases.  Our office is now offering custom made “Perio Trays” for the treatment of gingivitis (infected gums), periodontitis (infected gums including irreversible bone loss), and implantitis (infected tissue around an implant).

If you are thinking about this treatment and wonder what is involved in getting your mouth healthier with the use of Perio Trays, This is how the process works in our office.  Our dentist and dental hygienist will review treatment options with you based on your needs, If the use of Perio Trays is recommended we will complete the following:

  • We will take measurements around each of your teeth
  • We will take impressions of your teeth and gums to make your custom Perio Trays
  • Models of your teeth are sent to a special lab where the Perio Trays are made.

Perio Protect Perio Trays – Delivery Instructions

Deliver Perio Trays – they fit snugly!  The patient gets the following:

  • Upper and lower Perio Trays
  • 1 tube of Perio Gel with the initial tray delivery then three (three!) additional tubes!
  • Home care kit that holds trays, gel, brushes and medicine
  • Vibramycin if recommended
  • Introductory information showing how long and how often to use the trays.
  • Better breath and whiter teeth are additional benefits

We will demonstrate how to load trays and have the patient place these on their teeth.  The patient should watch the 5-minute video while they are still in the office wearing the trays.  The video reviews use and care of the trays.  One tube of Perio Gel should fill 100 trays, so if used once per day, a tube lasts 50 days or about 7 weeks. If used 2x per day a tube will last 25 days.

While you are still at our office we will help you load your trays.   While you are wearing the trays (about 10-15 minutes) we will show you a video about the treatment and/or explain the use and care of your trays.  We encourage brushing teeth and rinsing after Perio Protect therapy.


This is a great video!

Sometimes if will be beneficial to use Fluoride Gel in your trays.  We recommend Colgate Prevident 5000 ppm Gel

  • For caries, use one 20-minute application once a week with only fluoride gel in Perio Trays.
  • For chronic sensitivity, use one to three 20-minute applications of fluoride gel in Perio Trays within a 24-hour period. One application may be enough – three is almost always enough!  If sensitivity continues, wear once per week for 20 minutes.

The Home care Kit:  The back slot holds the Perio Gel. The front round space can hold the eyedropper bottle of Vibramycin Syrup (the 30 ml size) OR you can flip Perio Gel tip down in this larger space.  The small opening holds a toothbrush and the small brush.

Vibramycin is for antioxidant/anti-inflammation.  Rx 30 ml for initial weeks of tray delivery.  Two to three drops are placed in the trays after placing a ribbon of Perio Gel, then mix with the brush to spread it around.  30 ml averages 600 drops or 100 daily treatments.  (3 drops x 2 trays/day).  Long-term use can lead to staining.  Future ortho candidates should avoid using this for three weeks.

PerioGel is hydrogen peroxide. It occurs naturally in the body and is also a powerful antimicrobial. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the protective slime layer covering bacterial communities, and it can break down the cell walls of bacteria causing infections and oral wounds associated with gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

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We hope this was helpful!  Our office strives to help you achieve oral health and we care about you!
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