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Should You ‘Sparkle’ Your Teeth? Harmless and Fun!

Should You ‘Sparkle’ Your Teeth? This Treatment Should be Harmless and Fun!

 This blog is just for fun!

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We have  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems in our office for our patients as something inexpensive, safe, reversible and sparkly that patients can do to add a little temporary bling to their life.

What are Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems?

  • Small Swarovsky crystals that can be bonded to teeth
  • Small custom gems or minerals that can be bonded to teeth
  • Small custom or ready made gold or other metal pieces
  • usually the crystal or gem used has a smooth back to better adapt to the tooth surface.


How are  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems placed on teeth?

This patient got pretty creative with her placement of sparkles!

This patient got pretty creative with her placement of sparkles!

In our office, we do not do any tooth removal to place a Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems.  The  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems is bonded to the tooth in much the same way that an orthodontist would bond an orthodontic bracket to the surface of the teeth during braces.  We place the  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems where they look best, or where the patient desires as long as the  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems does not interfere with the occlusion or the patient’s bite with tooth colored or clear bonding material.

Sometimes people get pretty creative with where they would like their  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems placed!  And, why not  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems are just for fun!  We are happy to place  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems whether or not you are a patient in our Grand Junction, Colorado office. Please call us at (970) 242-3635 if you have any questions or concerns about  Tooth Sparkles or Smile Gems or any other dental procedure.

Creative placement of sparkles!

Creative placement of sparkles!

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS

Restoring Smiles/Restoring Health