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Clear Tooth Aligners – a good looking alternative to braces!

June 16, 2016

Filed under: Invisalign-type Appliances — Tags: — Dr Julie Gillis @ 5:41 pm

Clear Tooth Aligners – a better looking alternative to braces! The Answer Is Clear! Are you a candidate for Clear Tooth Aligners?  Clear Aligners are sometimes called Invisalign.  These appliances are a way to achieve  an improvement in the alignment of teeth without the need for metal wires and brackets.  So, you can get your smile straight without train-track woes! When we see things that […]

What is a Swing-Lock Removable Partial Denture?

October 5, 2015

What is a Swing-Lock Partial Denture? Missing teeth can often be replaced with a removable partial denture.  Often the cause of missing teeth is periodontal disease.  Patients with periodontal disease have lost supporting bone around the teeth and the teeth are often slightly loose.  If this is the case, or is many teeth are missing, patients may find it difficult to wear the partial denture […]

Partial Dentures as Replacements For Missing Teeth

January 8, 2015

Filed under: Dentures and Partial Dentures,Dentures or Partial Dentures — Tags: , — Dr Julie Gillis @ 7:17 pm

Partial Dentures – Why Would I Want One? A full or partial denture is a removable appliance with artificial teeth to replace missing natural teeth and gum tissue. A full denture replaces all the teeth in one arch while a partial denture replaces just the missing teeth present in a dental arch and may often use the remaining teeth to help support and maintain the partial […]

The PROFORM Nightguard to Protect Your Teeth From Clenching and Grinding

December 29, 2014

Do the holidays have you clenching or grinding your teeth?  Too much fun with your in-laws? Or are you someone that just naturally clenches or grinds their teeth – especially at night when it is difficult to prevent this trauma from happening? Then you are likely to benefit from something like a PROFORM Nightguard! Clenching and grinding of the teeth is also known as bruxism.   […]

Yikes! Your Front Tooth is Missing – Now What?

August 20, 2014

For most of us, missing a front tooth is a dental emergency whether or not there is any pain!  Don’t panic – we can fix that! This blog will tell you a bit about your options to replace that missing tooth including the following: Treatment partials Dental implants A Snap-On Smile  An Essix appliance Sometimes a treatment partial can be used while the tissue and […]

Are You a Candidate For ‘Clear Braces’?

November 6, 2013

Clear braces or ‘invisalign’ type appliances can dramatically improve your smile and/or your bite! We offer many services to care for your oral health, from professional cleanings to complete smile makeovers. We may recommend removable appliances or clear braces for minor anterior tooth movement to improve your results.  We often use clear or ‘ invisible’ aligners to improve the position of your front teeth. Clear aligners, similar […]