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KöR Bleaching Can Return Your Smile to its Brighter Days!

February 27, 2018

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Return Your Smile to its Better, Brighter Days!

with KöR Bleaching

We are very excited about the great success we are having with the KöR Deep Bleaching System!  Even teeth that couldn’t bleach with other systems are doing very well with KöR bleaching.  Our office offers several methods of whitening including prefilled disposable trays, in-office power bleaching, and take-home whitening gels and custom-fitted trays.  We will help you choose which system will work best for you!

Before KöR bleaching

After KöR bleaching

The KöR Deep Bleaching System is a blend of in-office and at-home treatments with a more potent and effective gel.  Whitening agents are inherently unstable and lose their effectiveness with time at room temperature.  The KöR whitening agent is refrigerated during manufacturing and delivery before we refrigerate it at our office.  This insures that the gels are more potent and effective.

The chemicals that are used to stabilize other systems and sometimes result in more sensitivity are not included in the KöR gel.  In addition, our custom-made trays insure that the whitening gel remains in contact with your teeth without being diluted or broken down by your saliva.

Key Benefits to the KöR Deep Bleaching System

  • Stronger more effective bleaching gel
  • Custom trays insure longer contact time
  • Enhanced sensitivity protection
  • Deeper effects and longer-lasting results

If you or someone you care about is concerned about your dark teeth and have not had success with other attempts at whitening, give us a call because we have a solution that will work for you! One of the things our patients truly love is brightening their smile.  Our office would love to discuss options for you!  Please visit our website at www.juliegillisdds.com to see more bleaching success stories.

       Julie Gillis DDS

Restoring Teeth/Restoring Smiles

Dental Crowns Do Not Bleach

December 1, 2017

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Before you bleach your teeth, you should find out if you have any dental crowns or restorations (fillings) in your mouth that may look odd or unmatched after your tooth bleaching is complete.  The reason for this is (insert sparkly boom here!)

Dental crowns do not bleach!

If you want to bleach your teeth and you have crowns on your front teeth, you may need to replace those crowns if you want them to match your newly bleached teeth.  In our office we will tell you what to expect from tooth bleaching and let you know the likelihood that you will also want to replace fillings or crowns for the ideal final result.  We think it is very important that you are aware of this before you start the bleaching process!

Dental crowns do not bleach!

In some cases you may find that the crowns seem to get whiter.  How could this happen?  If, for example, your  crowns are somewhat translucent so that your natural tooth color can show through, they may seem to get brighter as your teeth get brighter.  If you have all-porcelain and slightly translucent veneers the tooth may bleach and the brighter color will show through and make your veneers seem brighter as well.  If your crown or crowns have any metal below the porcelain  or if they are made from an opaque porcelain, they will not bleach.  This is not a problem if you know in advance what to expect with bleaching.

Very successful bleaching result in our office! Our patient is excited to replace the crown that got darker and darker looking as the teeth brightened.

KoR can be very successful for bleaching hard to bleach teeth. But, your crowns do not bleach!

Our patient had tried several types of bleaching systems and none seemed to work for her until she tried KoR bleaching in our office.  Our office has had some amazing success with this bleaching system on our patients that do not whiten with other systems.  We let her know that as her teeth became whiter, her crown would look darker and she would probably want to replace it.  She had already wanted to replace this crown due to the visible margins and the fact that it had never looked “real”.  Please look again in the future to see our final results after replacing the crown!

Which color would you rather have? Maybe someday dental crowns will bleach!

Yours for better dental health

. . . . . and maybe for dental beauty as well!

Julie Gillis DDS

Restoring Smiles/Restoring Health

To Whiten or Not to Whiten? It’s Easy and Fun!

November 19, 2015

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In our office, we offer three methods of teeth whitening and have recently added a fourth method for especially difficult teeth that have not responded to whitening systems in the past.

  1. Take-home whitening gels and custom-fitted trays
  2. In-office whitening or power bleaching
  3. Prefilled disposable whitening trays
  4. Kor Deep Bleaching System

The tooth whitening system which works best for most patients is custom-tray whitening.  Specialized trays made from models of your teeth hold the whitening gel and allow you to easily whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. (more…)

Did Your Dentist Ever Warn You About Tooth Bleaching and Bonding?

October 27, 2015

Did your dentist ever warn you about tooth bleaching and having dental treatment that includes any type of bonding?

Custom bleaching trays in place over healthy teeth.

If not, they should have!


Whitening Teeth – It’s Easier Than You Think!

March 31, 2015

Return Your Smile to its Better, Brighter Days!

Love Your WHITE Smile!

It’s easy for your teeth to begin to discolor. Coffee, red wine and even carbonated beverages can dull and darken the enamel in your teeth.  Some people are born with darkened enamel, but much of the change in color comes from the natural, aging process.  Dark and discolored teeth are considered less attractive and may affect your self-esteem and confidence. Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching can take years off of your smile!

After custom tray bleaching.

After custom tray bleaching.

Before custom tray bleaching.

Before custom tray bleaching.

Large molecules breaking down into smaller.

Large molecules breaking down into smaller.

Tooth color is a result of light reflectance from large natural pigment and stain molecules trapped within the microstructure of your teeth.  The larger these molecules become, the stronger the reflectance of color from the teeth.  Whitening gels work to break down these molecules into smaller molecules which become colorless or white.  The effectiveness of teeth whitening systems is dependent on exposing the tooth structure to a fully potent gel with extended time to allow it to diffuse into the microstructure of the tooth. [1]

We have been whitening teeth with custom tray tooth bleaching, in-office “Power tooth bleaching,” and prefilled disposable tooth whitening trays for over 15 years.  Custom tray tooth bleaching continues to be the easiest and most effective method and very reasonably priced at #300.00  It is worth noting that 15 years ago the price  for tooth whitening or tooth bleaching was still $300.00 in our office and the procedure is now easier, and the products used are more effrective!  There are not too many things that you can say that about!

Please call our Grand Junction, Colorado office at (970) 242-3635 if you have any questions about tooth bleaching or tooth whitening!  This is one dental procedure that is actually FUN!

Yours for better dental health, Julie Gillis DDS

Restoring Teeth/Restoring Smiles

[1] “Solving Teeth Whitening Frustrations”, Rod Kurthy, DMD Evolve Dental Technologies, Inc. whitepaper


Possible links:   www.korwhitening.com



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