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Denture Smile Makeover – Two minutes to a more dashing you!

Okay the photos may have been separated by a mere two minutes, but it did take several appointments and an exceptional dental laboratory to create this gorgeous smile makeover for Dr. Julie Gillis’ patient shown here.

Patient is wearing her worn denture

New denture restores a more youthful smile!

What we consider beautiful in terms of smiles, smile makeovers , and cosmetic dentistry, follows some basic guidelines across all cultures. The old denture displays a ‘reverse smile’ where the front teeth look shorter than the back teeth. The edges of the upper teeth should follow the curve of the lower lip, or at least be straight – not an inverse curve. In an esthetic smile makeover, the midline should be vertical or parallel with a vertical line through the middle of the face. The color should be ‘natural’ and in harmony with the facial skintone. The teeth should support the lips, and the back teeth should show when the patient smiles fully. The previous denture teeth are worn and dark. For a smile makeover, I am not a big fan of ridiculously white teeth, especially in our more mature patients as they tend to look false. As we age, our teeth do naturally get darker. Many people turn this process around with tooth bleaching so it is becoming much more common to see whiter, brighter smiles in cosmetic/esthetic dentistry.

For this lovely ladie’s smile makeover, Dr. Gillis replaced the top and bottom teeth, and selected the shape and size of the teeth to


harmonize with the available space and her warm personality! The color is brighter but not crazy bright. The overall effect is a more youthful, gorgeous smile!

Respectfully submitted by Julie Gillis DDS. If you have questions about this smile makeover, or any other questions about cosmetic dentistry, please contact our office at (970) 242 – 3635!

This information shared with you by Julie Gillis, DDS PC.  Our office is located  in Grand Junction, Colorado.  We feel that your dental health is the top priority. and if we can make your smile more attractive while improving your health that is wonderful! Dr. Gillis practices restorative and cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, implants, crowns, bridges and periodontal care.  Our office website is www.juliegillisds.com.  For further information, please contact us at (970) 242-3635.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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