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Lumineers & Porcelain Veneers

For Picture-Perfect Smiles in Grand Junction

Grand Junction porcelain veneers
Meet Nattiel

You may have heard about some of the many recent advances in cosmetic dentistry and how new smiles can literally be created.  What you might not be aware of, is how simply and effectively some problems can be corrected.  Front teeth that are discolored, chipped, or have gaps between them can look as good, or better-than-new, using porcelain veneers.

These ultra-thin shells of ceramic material are bonded firmly to the front of your teeth and can be used to improve the color, shape, and alignment.  They are natural-looking and are highly resistant to permanent discoloration from tobacco use or drinking coffee, tea, and red wine.

Several years ago, Nattiel told us she was unhappy with the gaps between her front teeth along with the shape of her teeth.  She was interested in a conservative, long-lasting way to improve her smile.  As you can see, placing veneers on the front four teeth easily turned a beautiful smile into a gorgeous smile, and this photo of her completed smile was taken six years after the veneers were placed!  Veneers can simply and effectively restore the health and beauty of your teeth, and give you the self-confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Correct Teeth Imperfections

Are your teeth chipped, cracked, or malformed? Were you born with naturally darker enamel that makes getting your picture taken a nightmare? Have your teeth been permanently stained beyond the help of professional teeth-whitening systems? Having a smile that’s misshapen or discolored is less than desirable, and can make it hard to maintain a high level of self-confidence. If your smile can use improvement, porcelain veneers or Lumineers could be right for you. Dr. Gillis and her well-trained staff offer both at our Grand Junction, CO location.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain made to fit over existing teeth so they can hide your teeth’s imperfections. These veneers are created to mimic the light-reflecting quality of natural teeth, which is possible because the porcelain used is of such a high quality.

Initially, you’ll visit Dr. Gillis for a consultation appointment and she can record the size and color of teeth. This is done to ensure the porcelain veneers created for you will blend into your smile, so if you want to receive a teeth-whitening treatment, it’s advisable to have this completed prior to the date you begin treatment. Dr. Gillis will send the record of your tooth’s size, shape, existing color, and desired color to a certified ceramist for creation of the porcelain veneers. Once the veneers are created and Dr. Gillis receives them, you’ll be able to come in to have them bonded to your teeth. With the use of specialized try-in gels, you will be able to evaluate the appearance of your veneers before they are permanently bonded to your teeth to assure that you are thoroughly pleased.

All of our porcelain work is crafted by a lab technician accredited by the AACD. This combination of an artistic, talented cosmetic dentist and a high-quality dental lab equals superior dentistry and lasting results.

Lumineers work the same way that porcelain veneers do, and they may be preferable in some situations. The Lumineers’ thickness is commonly compared to being as thin as a contact lens. It will take less time to be fitted for Lumineers because Dr. Gillis can send the order for their creation straight to their company, DenMat, who has streamlined their production services. Lumineers can sometimes be completed without anesthetic, as they are able to be placed with very little or no preparation or shaping of the teeth.