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What Does a Tooth Crown Cost??

How Much is a Crown? and/or What Does a Tooth Crown Cost??

This information provided for you by Julie Cross, treatment assistant for Dr. Julie Gillis

Crowns come in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

A Tooth Crown can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. These crowns are for upper central incisors.

People often call up dental offices and ask, “How much is a tooth crown?” or, “How much does it cost for a tooth or dental crown?”  What patients need to ask is “Will I get a quality crown is your office?”

Dr. Julie Gillis and her team, are very concerned with technical excellence, quality materials, good customer service, and patient comfort.  By providing these services, Dr. Gillis will only use a lab to make our crowns/caps that have the same values as our office.

Dr. Gillis is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Denistry (AACD), and the lab that she uses for your crown is also an accredited laboratory technician with the AACD.

We would be happy to tell you the average range of the cost of a tooth crown in our office.  Crowns range in cost depending on any additional services that are needed for an ideal result. Additional services may include an x-ray, a build up restoration to provide support for your crown if the tooth is broken down, gingival plastic surgery to allow access to remove and restore decay below the level of the gums, etc.  In our office we also follow the tooth crown over time as our patients return for regular cleanings and examinations and we guarantee the crown for five years.  If a crown is done well, and the patient is taking good care of their teeth, a crown will last much longer than this.

So remember when calling office to office to get the cost of a crown, don’t go with the cheapest price, that probably won’t last, go to Dr. Julie Gillis, where you will get the best dentistry.  Isn’t that what you deserve?

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