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Brighten Teeth With Food!

Some Foods May Actually Brighten Your Teeth!

Tasty, crunchy and may remove stains on teeth!

Tasty, crunchy and may remove stains on teeth!

Can you brighten teeth with food? Celery is crunchy and delicious and just may brighten teeth and benefit your mouth!  And it’s good for you!  The extra chewing celery requires produces plenty of saliva which neutralized the bacteria Streptococcus mutans that causes cavities.  Additionally, chomping on naturally abrasive foods massages gums and cleans between teeth.

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These delicious Clifton, Colorado pears are crunchy like an apple and scrub the surface of your teeth as you enjoy them.

Strawberries:  This delicious fruit contains malic acid which can act like a natural astringident to remove stains on the surface of teeth.

There are lots of reasons to eat nuts like almonds and walnuts.  These mildly abbrasive foods rub plaque and stains off of the teeth. Yum!  And most nuts like almonds and walnuts are packed with protein and minerals which are good for you.

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Delicious Grand Junction, Colorado apples grown by one of Dr. Gillis’ treatment assistants. Yum!

Apples:  Crisp and delicious, apples stimulate saliva production.  Pears can do the same. Saliva is a natural lubricant, and it can neutralize colonies of bacteria and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.  and the chewing of apples strengthens the jaw muscles.  Eating apples naturally scrapes plaque off the surfaces of your teeth.

2014-08-23 17.58.49Carrots:  Chewing these crisp vegetables stimulates saliva production which is good for the health of your gums, and washes away food debris.  While you are chewing carrots, you are helping remove stains on your teeth due to carrots being mildly abrasive.

There you go, some natural ways to brighten your teeth with food.  Foods will just remove the surface stains though. But so many are good for you and good for your overall health.  To really brighten your teeth our tooth bleaching products really do the trick!  Please ask our office for more information about how to have the healthiest teeth and gums.  We would be happy to let you know if you would be a good candidate for tooth bleaching!

Yours for better dental health, Julie Gillis DDS, PC
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You may be able to brighten teeth with carrots in a variety of colors!

Carrots in a variety of colors!