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Can You Have Healthy Gums and Rotten Teeth?

Can you Have Healthy Gums and Rotten Teeth?  Yes, absolutely!

Rotten teeth, healthy gums!

Bacteria cause almost all the problems we see in patient’s mouths – except for trauma and muscle issues.  The problems directly attributable to bacteria are decay, cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and infections,  So, if you can control the bacteria, you can control most of the problems we dentists see and spend our careers trying to correct.  The problem, as I see it, is that as soon as you remove the bacteria loaded, plaque biofilm from your teeth, there are more bacteria ready to move in and replace those that you have just removed.  And, that’s okay!  Bacteria – at least some of them – are also good and necessary.

Lots of decay or cavities noted, but gums are pretty healthy!

One of our office’s first steps in getting you healthy will probably be to improve your oral hygiene and do what we can to eliminate active gingivitis or gum disease.  The following photos will show that you can certainly have healthy gums around unhealthy teeth with obvious cavities or decay.  The efforts that you make controlling decay and eliminating gingivitis will pay big dividends in the future in helping to keep your teeth for a lifetime.  By keeping your teeth and gums clean, the process of decay will slow down and any restorations that are placed will last longer!  Totally worth your investment in time and effort!

Extensive decay - pretty healthy gums!

As you can see from this photo, the gum tissue is healthy and pink, hugging the necks of the teeth that need to be restored.  Our office loves to see healthy gums!  I know that any restoration that I complete for this patient – whether it be conservative bonding, crowns, or modified porcelain veneers – will last longer due to their excellent home care!

These restorations will last longer due to this patient's ability to keep his gums healthy.

Our office would be happy to tell you about what is going on in your mouth in as much detail as you would like.  We are also quite aware that some people do not want this information! Our office is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Our phone number is (970) 242-3635.  You can email us at jgillis@rosemontdev.com.  Our office now has a Facebook page and we would love for you to ‘like’ us! On Facebook, find us at Julie M Gillis DDS PC.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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