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Does Mouthwash Make Any Difference in the Health of Your Mouth?

Why Bother Using Mouthwash?

Do Mouth Rinses or Mouthwash Make Any Difference in the Health of Your Mouth?

Some patients that need an extra ‘something’ like mouthwash in order to get their mouth and gums in optimal health.In our office, one of our recommendations is the regular use of a mouthwash.If you have very little problems with gingivitis, or periodontal disease, then the addition of a mouthwash may do little for you unless you just like it! Then, by all means, use a mouthwash.

Adding mouth rinses to excellent brushing and flossing would be very beneficial here!

And what a difference can be seen here!

If, on the other hand, you do have problems with gingivitis – and most people do – then the use of an essential oils-containing antiseptic mouth rinse or mouthwash in conjunction with tooth brushing and flossing has been proven to reduce and/or control existing plaque and gingivitis.If the developer of a product has completed good research and we believe in that product, our office is happy to endorse that product.Listerine has definitely done their research on mouthwash!We endorse the use of Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, an essential oils-containing mouth rinse for patients wanting to have optimal gingival health.
In the January/February 2013 issue of General Dentistry (see www.agd.org) in the article titled ‘Increasing antiplaque/antigingivitis efficacy of an essential oil mouthrinse over time: an in vivo study,’ the following is noted:

“Adequate control of plaque biofilm is essential to prevention and control of periodontal diseases, dental caries (that leads to the more common term of cavities) and the patient’s oral health.Given the prevalence of these diseases globally – with caries in 60% to 90% of children, gingivitis in up to 80% of the populations in developed countries, and periodontitis in 50% of global populations – it would seem that mechanical oral hygiene procedures alone are not practiced sufficiently by a majority of the population.”

Serious gingivitis may be eliminated with excellent oral hygiene! Time for some serious behavior modification.

How about you?Are you brushing, flossing, and using a mouthrinse correctly?We often tell patients to use a mouth rinse or mouthwash and rinse vigorously enough that their cheeks get tired!

Hard to believe that this is the same patient after therapy!

Antiseptic mouth rinses – because they are a liquid after all – reach nearly 100% of oral surfaces.Do you know if you have gingivitis?Our office would be happy to tell you about what is going on in your mouth in as much detail as you would like.We are also quite aware that some people do not want this information so always let us know if we are giving you more information than you would really like!! Dr. Gillis will often tell patients that “Flossing if FUN!” and recommend that they not deny themselves this bit of fun everyday.  Rinsing with mouthwash can also be fun!
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As always, yours for better dental health,

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