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What? Change Your Mouth Rinse?!

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Did you know it was a good idea to switch the type of mouth rinse you use periodically?  It is!

To maximize the effectiveness of your mouth rinse (also called mouth wash) you should switch mouth rinse types every 2 – 3 months per a study from Clinical Research Associates. This can be thought of like the need to periodically switch hair products to keep them performing as well but in the case of mouth rinses has more to do with bacterial resistance.

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There are four main reasons to use a mouth rinse:

  1. For improved oral hygiene and fresher breath,
  2. For better overall oral health – especially gingival health,
  3. To reduce tooth sensitivity, and
  4. To prevent caries.

It would be a good idea to switch between mouth rinses that have different active ingredients such as the ones shown here!

Mouth rinse small size-4527

So read the labels on different mouth rinses and ask your dentist for suggestions!  Some of the mouth rinse products shown here are available over-the-counter but some are only available in professional dental offices.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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