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Dental Implant Restorations (Crowns and Bridges)

Meet Diane

Diane* was devastated to lose her front tooth. She had always felt very confident about her smile, and was thrilled when we told her we could replace her tooth with a dental implant and a natural-looking and feeling crown. The treatment would take a while, but her relief was evident when we told her that she would never have to go without a front tooth. Diane’s treatment started with a Snap-On Smile® followed by a custom temporary crown to replace her missing tooth until her implant could be placed and restored.

*patient name has been changed, for privacy.

How Long Have Dental Implants Been Used for Tooth Replacement?

Dental implants have been around for over 50 years—they were introduced after a bone study resulted in the discovery that bone would form around and fuse to a surgical titanium post (meaning the post could not be removed without taking bone, as well). This is called Osseointegration, and the wonderful result is that we can place dental implants and then restore them to function and look like a patient has grown a new tooth.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Our office uses dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth. They are designed to last a very long time—upwards of 20 years; maybe even a lifetime! We also use dental implants to help support and retain treatment partials and dentures. You can think of a dental implant as an artificial root. An implant is usually placed and allowed to heal, or Osseointegrate, before attachments are fabricated and affixed. The dental implant will pass through the tissue or gums, allowing for the placement of a dental crown or bridge on top. We can sometimes minimize the wait time by immediately placing a temporary restoration so you can look and feel comfortable while the tissue around the implant is maturing.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of a dental implant typically includes the cost of placing the implant (about $1000 – $4000), as well as designing and placing the abutment and implant crown (about $1000 – $3000). The cost will vary depending on your particular situation. We take care to color match all restorations to your existing teeth for a beautiful, natural-looking result. Our office takes the time to make sure you understand the treatment and are involved in all decisions throughout the process. We use high-quality materials and talented technicians so your new crown will feel good, look good, and last a long time. There are many advantages when comparing an implant and crown to other alternatives. The best advantage is replacing a missing tooth with a restoration that feels and functions like your own tooth without affecting any of your other teeth.

For qualified candidates, dental implants can be wonderful replacements for back teeth, as well!