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Esthetic Front Tooth Replacement With a Dental Implant.

A porcelain abutment over a dental implant to replace a missing front tooth.

Only her dentist would know which front tooth is not real!

In 1952, a Swedish Professor, Ingvar Branemark had a lucky accident.  He discovered that titanium bonded irreversibly to living bone tissue. Titanium was placed into jaw bones to study growth and the bone grew around them – this is the process of osseointegration.   The first practical application of osseointegration was the implantation of new titanium roots in 1965. Dental implants were born!

Right front tooth before treatment

What happens when a front tooth is lost from trauma or natural causes?

Right front tooth before treatment

Healthy gum tissue follows the contours of the front tooth replaced with an implant and crown.

We can now successfully and aesthetically replace a missing front tooth with a dental implant.  A dental implant acts like the root of a tooth and becomes anchored into the bone which actually helps strengthen the underlying bone.  Bio compatible materials like medical grade titanium are used for dental implants and there is no need to shape or reduce healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth as would be required for a bridge.

A temporary or treatment crown is in place to guide the tissue as it matures for the most natural result!

Our office will often tell patients that dental implants are now like bionic teeth.  It is like growing a new tooth. Your dental implant will feel and look real and you will brush and floss it to keep your dental implant healthy just like a real tooth!

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