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Implant Restoration to Replace a Missing Lower Front Tooth.

Lower teeth are critical for proper function and may or may not be displayed in a smile.

We often talk about making people’s smiles healthier and more attractive. And, usually, when you think of a smile you think of the upper teeth.  Just as important is the health and function of the lower teeth!  Did you know that as a person ages the lower teeth often show more and more?  Especially when they are talking.  Just watch anyone over the age of 50 being interviewed on TV or news people as they are talking and you will start to notice their lower teeth, especially the lower incisors. Please see the photos showing the replacement of a missing lower anterior tooth with a dental implant and an implant crown.

What are your options when a lower incisor is missing?  One option that is always available is to do nothing!  You may be thinking, who will even notice if you are missing a lower front tooth?  Well, the truth is that many people will notice!  When the tooth is missing, it is not just for esthetic reasons that it should be replaced.  The other adjacent teeth may collapse into the area. The opposing upper tooth may actually ‘grow’ downward trying to touch the missing tooth and this will affect your smile even more not to mention your speech! Dental implants are a great way to feel like you have grown a new tooth or teeth!

Your other options are to replace the missing tooth with a ‘flipper’ or removable appliance or with a permanent cemented bridge.  Bridges are great and have been used by dentists for ages.  However, replacing a tooth with a bridge involves preparing the tooth on either side of the missing one for a crown so that the missing tooth can be suspended between crowns on either side of the space – hence a bridge.  This is a great treatment option if the adjacent teeth need crowns, but if the teeth are healthy, a much better option would be to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant and a single tooth implant crown.  It will feel like you grew a new tooth here!

Implant for lower incisor – note build up of tartar!

Final implant crown for missing lower anterior tooth. Gingival health restored.

These photos show one of our patients that had an implant placed followed by an implant crown to replace their missing lower front tooth.  The patient notes that ‘it feels just like they grew a new tooth in this area’ and it looks like that too!

Remember that you cannot get a cavity on an implant crown, but you can get gum disease. So it is important to brush and floss your implant crown just like your other teeth!

Our office would be happy to tell you about your options to replace missing teeth or a single missing tooth.  We work with many specialists doing dental implants to assure an ideal result.  Our office is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Our phone number is (970) 242-3635.  You can email us at jgillis@rosemontdev.comOur office now has a Facebook page and we would love for you to ‘like’ us! On Facebook, find us at Julie M Gillis DDS PC.

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