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Secure Dentures in Grand Junction, CO

Custom fitted dentures and partial dentures truly are an excellent solution if you have missing teeth. As a removable prosthetic, a denture is easy to clean. Because your dentures are removable, they are also susceptible to slipping. Dr. Julie Gillis and her team in Grand Junction have a solution that will allow you to keep those attractive dentures and eliminate the problems. With mini dental implants, you’ll be able to eat what you enjoy, smile with confidence, and even talk like an auctioneer (if you want!) – without worrying about your dentures.

Similar to standard dental implants, mini implants consist of a titanium alloy post that mimics the root of a natural tooth. This post secures to retaining fixtures that are incorporated into the base of your denture. In this way, your dentures will not only look like natural teeth, but feel natural too. They fit snuggly and you won’t have the mess or taste of dentures adhesives.

How Is the Mini Dental Implant Procedure Performed?

Dr. Gillis can place your mini dental implants quickly and easily. The process usually takes no longer than 90 minutes or so. Most patients require only local anesthesia in order to remain comfortable during the procedure; however, if you need a bit of help relaxing in the dentist’s chair, our office can provide light sedation.

Your mini implants are strategically positioned along your upper or lower arch in order to provide them with maximum stability. Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, Dr. Gillis places the implants into your jawbone. Only the head of the implants extend beyond the surface of your gums, thereby creating a strong and solid foundation for securing your dentures. Because this is a minimally invasive surgery, no sutures are required. While standard dental implants require months of healing, mini implants take practically no time at all. In fact, you will likely be able to eat comfortably and laugh and talk with confidence the very next day. Your secure dentures feel natural that quickly.

Dr. Gillis is very experienced with mini implants, and her staff is highly skilled and ready to assist with your procedure. Contact our office in Grand Junction today to have the secure dentures you want, or to ask questions you have about mini implants. Dr. Gillis also provides dentistry services to patients from the Western Slope of Colorado and nearby Utah communities. Several of our patients drive a couple of hours to see us – some even fly in – but most of our patients arrive from Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, and Orchard Mesa.