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No Dental Insurance? How Can You Afford Dental Care?

“Dental treatment changed my life!”

Many of our patients remark that they have lost their dental insurance or that they do not have dental insurance so they can’t afford dental treatment.  Patients are even afraid to see what treatment will cost without insurance.  Our office believes it is fair to charge patients the cost of the procedure that is completed.  We do not raise or lower the fees because of dental insurance.

That would not be fair!

Dental insurance has always been a small supplement to paying for needed treatment.  If someone else, like your employer is paying for your insurance premiums than you may see a benefit in having dental insurance.  If you are paying your own premiums, you will almost always come out ahead if you pay for your own dental care.  The reason for this is simple:

Dental Insurance Companies Have to Make Money to Survive!

If you pay less in insurance premiums than your insurance pays for your dental care they will lose money and they do not like to lose money!  Consider this, when dental insurance companies were started in the 1960’s, a patient got about $1,000.00 – $1,500.00 in dental benefits.  Now, 50 plus years later, that is the maximum provided by many companies!  Do you think that $1,500.00 will go as far today as it did in 1965?  NO!

What we want! Smiling, comfortable patients!

Waiting too long can be a costly mistake!

Unfortunately, the loss of or lack of dental insurance is one of the biggest barriers for some people who want dental care.  That is why our office has many ways to make paying for your needed or even desired dental treatment as comfortable as possible!  Please don’t assume you can’t afford dental treatment.

Many people make decisions based on their dental insurance or the lack of insurance.  We would love to show you the importance of dental health to your overall health and ways to make paying for your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Most of our patients do not have dental insurance and they have been coming to our office for years.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis D.D.S.

Restoring Teeth, Restoring Smiles