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Immediate Denture Home Care

Home Care Instructions For Immediate Dentures

Provided by Julie M Gillis DDS                  Phone: (970) 242-3635

An Immediate denture is a denture inserted on the day of tooth extractions.  The denture covers and protects the surgical sites and allows for immediate function.  The patient does not have to go without teeth during the healing phase.  There are a few important things to know about care of your immediate dentures and your mouth.  Dental offices may vary in their instructions to patients.  We have found the following to be very helpful.

Dentures come in all sized and colors. Take the time to care for your denture and your mouth and they will last a long time!

Instructions on Day of Insertion:

  1. Rest for the remainder of the day. Excessive activity may cause undue swelling and bleeding especially the first two days
  2. There will be some bleeding for 48 hours after surgery. Cover your pillow with a towel.
  3. You may be given a prescription for pain medication. Take this medication as directed.
  4. To minimize swelling, apply an ice pack 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. After 48 hours, use warm moist heat, or a heating pad as needed.
  5. Food – A soft or liquid diet for 48 hours. Then take things gradually, working up to solid foods and chewing on both sides.
  6. You will be reappointed with your doctor 24 hours after surgery. DO NOT REMOVE DENTURES UNTIL THIS APPOINTMENT. If you must remove your dentures, replace within 5 minutes before the tissue can swell.

Denture Care After the 24-Hour Check:

  1. After the first day, you may remove your denture(s) and clean your mouth and dentures as often as you wish. A very soothing mouth rinse can be made by mixing ¼ tsp baking soda, 1/8 tsp salt, with 1 cup very warm water.  Use frequently.
  2. Clean your denture with a denture brush and liquid soap. Clean your gums with a soft brush and mouth rinse or water.  Don’t forget to clean your whole mouth and your tongue.
  3. Keep your denture(s) in your mouth at night until the surgical areas have healed, approximately 3 days. After that you can remove the dentures at night and place them in water or a denture cleaning solution.
  4. If sutures were placed, they will need to me removed 5 to 7 days after your surgery.

Regular Denture Care: