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Tomato – Fruit or Vegetable? Maybe it is both!

Tomatoes - Fruit or Vegetable?

Tomato – Fruit or Vegetable?  Both?

Tomato – Fruit or Vegetable?

They say it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables.  Shoot, I say that all the time!  Maybe it is time to respect the lovely tomato.  So, is it a fruit or a vegetable or both? Are they delicious?  There are so many different kinds of tomatoes and I love them!  Sliced for a caprese salad ( one of my favorites) with fresh mozzarella, and freshly made dressing with fresh basil – yum! Perhaps overuse of the word ‘fresh’ here but this is important for the best taste.

And with summer almost in full swing, local tomatoes should start rolling in from the fields and our home gardens more delicious than ever!  Let’s have some!

So which is true?  Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?  And, perhaps more importantly, does this have anything to do with dentistry?  Probably not, but I love tomatoes in all their forms and since our office is concerned about your overall health as well as your dental health this fruit (or is it a vegetable?) is a very good addition to most diets!  Just brush your teeth and maybe even floss before your dental appointments no matter what you eat.

We will try to be a bit more ‘Dental’ with our next blog.  Until then, from our office to you, may many happy and delicious tomatoes arrive on your table.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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