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Free Dental Day recognized around the U.S.!

Toothbrushes make for a beautiful smile!

The photo above shows Dr Gillis and her team getting ready for their third annual Free Dental Day!

We recently completed our 3rd Annual Free Dental Day and its great to see that we have influenced other dental offices around the U.S.!  We have heard from several other dental offices as close to us as Montrose, CO and as far away as Greensboro, NC.  Dentists are always looking for a way to help those in need and several offices have called our office for information on the things we did for our Free Dental Day so that they might do something similar in their communities.

This year’s Free Dental Day event helped a total of 127 patients in 12 hours.  Three dental offices, five dentists, six hygienists, treatment assistants, business assistants and equipment personnel donated over twelve hours each on Friday, November 9th to treat 127 patients. The total production was $73,648.00!  Treatment included 117 extractions, 16 flu shots, 42 periodontal debridements and cleanings, 9 periodontal surgeries, 106 limited evaluations and oral cancer screenings, 10 fluoride treatments, 50 composite restorations and lots of xrays!  Way to go teams!

It never seems to be a question as to whether we continue this event.  Due to the economy and unemployment rate, this annual event seems to draw more people each year.  Though we cannot always help everyone, we strive to help a community that has given us so much!

We would be happy to share what we have learned in our Free Dental Day experiences with other dental offices!  Our office is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Our office phone number is (970) 242-3635.  Please visit us on Facebook (see Julie M Gillis DDS PC) or call us if you have any questions.  You can also email our office at jgillis@rosemontdev.com for further information.