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Donna P.



Donna has been a patient of Dr. Gillis for many years. Although she only sees Dr Gillis when she has a concern, she knew she needed to find options to correct the problems she was having with her full lower denture and she loved the treatment provided by Dr. Gillis in the past.

Previous Dental Treatment:

Donna’s existing dentures were made by Dr. Gillis about 7 years previously. The upper denture was doing great – the lower one a different story! Over time, the lower denture had become more and more loose and uncomfortable. Donna tried several times to correct this by trying to adjust her denture on her own. This caused the denture to be very loose and uncomfortable and to have no retention.

Type of Treatment Completed:

Over several years, the lower jaw lost much of the supporting bone so there was little for a denture to hold onto. Dr. Gillis reviewed the lack of existing bone and the difficulty of keeping a lower denture stable no matter how well it was made. Donna was a good candidate for small diameter implants to support a new lower denture. Everything was made to work with her upper denture that she was happy with.

Sequence of Treatment:

A 3D radiographic scan was completed for Donna to determine the ideal location for small diameter implants. Impressions were taken for the fabrication of her new lower denture. Once the implants were placed and the tissue healed, precision attachments were added to the implants and to the inside of the lower denture.

The Result?

A secure fitting denture for a patient who hadn’t had this in over ten years and a very happy patient!