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D. Barnes


How Patient Found Dr. Gillis:

Don’s wife found our office after doing internet and referral research. She wanted Don to smile more with a smile that shows his teeth. She thought he didn’t because he felt unhappy about his teeth. Don’s wife previously won a bleaching treatment from our office and saw our before/after patient photos when she came to our office. She knew this was where Don should get some options for his teeth and his smile! Once Dr. Gillis began reviewing the options available, Don was excited to begin.

Previous Dental Treatment:

Don’s previous dental treatment included cleanings and standard restorative care. Over time the teeth had become worn and darker. Gum disease was apparent on the photos. Don and his wife didn’t like the prominent canine or the crowding of the teeth. Due to his bite, Don’s upper lateral incisor was locked behind his lower canine. Over time this pushed the upper lateral incisor back and the lower canine forward. Several teeth were heavily worn.

Type of Treatment Completed:

Periodontal therapy, veneers and a crown
A custom wax up of the changes that could be achieved with dental treatment was completed so that Don and his wife could evaluate their options and make suggestions. Treatment included Periodontal care to restore health to the supporting tissues of the teeth. Five lower veneers, ten upper veneers and one crown would be completed along with minimal plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the gums. A hard splint would be fabricated after treatment to protect Don’s investment by preventing further tooth wear due to nighttime clenching and grinding.

Sequence of Treatment:

Once the treatment plan was approved, Don’s treatment began with periodontal care. Healthy supporting tissues is the foundation of any successful treatment. The existing color of his teeth was allowed to show through the dental restorations. This is very important to achieve a natural looking smile and minimal preparation of the teeth.

The Result?

A great smile and a very happy patient and wife!