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Is Chewing Ice Really Bad For Teeth?

Chewing ice is not good for anyone’s teeth, but it can be especially bad for teeth that are already weakened with fillings.  Think of your teeth as fine pieces of crystal.  When you have a filling done, a hole is cut into the crystal which weakens the overall structure.  Your mouth where these fine crystals live is a very hot, moist environment.  When you chew ice, it is like taking that hot crystal, dipping it in icy liquid, and smacking it with something very hard.

To chew ice or not - our recommendation is don't do it!

Is chewing ice bad?  Our recommendation is don’t do it!

As you are chewing ice your tooth cycles between being very warm to ice cold over and over.  Combine that with the hardness of the ice you are crunching and you have a potential bad situation that often leads to the tooth fracturing.  Large tooth fractures may require a crown to save the tooth.  If the fractures are deep they can even cause damage to the tooth’s nerve which could require a root canal plus a new filling and a crown to save the tooth.  Wouldn’t it just be better to break the ice chewing habit?

Our office cares about you and the health of your teeth.  There are many habits that can be very harmful to your teeth and chewing ice is one of them.  Please call our office located in Grand Junction Colorado for more information on this topic or any other dental concern.  We love to help!

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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