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N2O (nitrous Oxide Or Laughing Gas)at The Dentist

You have heard of N2O but you might have called it ‘Laughing Gas’ or Nitrous Oxide.  This blog written by Julie Cross a treatment assistant at the office of Dr. Julie Gillis

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a safe way to help ease anxiety, and make you feel more relaxed during your dental procedures.  This can also help minimize or even eliminate the gag reflex.

Laughing Gas – A patient wears N2O or Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas and protective eye ware for her comfort during dental treatment.

Nitrous oxide is used along with Oxygen, (generally ~ 70% N20 and 30% 02) is odorless and has been used successfully in sedation dentistry since the late 1800’s.

N2O is Laughing Gas and Nitrous Oxide

N20 (also known as laughing gas) is delivered through a mask that rests on your nose, and you just breathe through your nose.  02 is given first and then N20 is added.  It can take anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes to feel completely relaxed.  Although the mental state is altered, you are still completely conscious and able to interact and cooperate w/ the dentists requests.  This is used along with anesthetic, however may NOT be used along w/ Xanex, Triazolam or Valium. You should NOT have N20 if you are pregnant, and should contact your MD or Psychiatrist, if you have psychiatric conditions, or if you have a prior substance abuse problem, to make sure there are no drug interactions, that will affect your mental state, since N20 alters the mind, this could lead to a relapse.

After your dental procedure is finished, the Dentist will put you on 100% O2 for 5 –10 minutes, all the N20 will be flushed out of your system, and you will be completely normal, (other than a possible numb lip) and you will be able to drive after your appointment.  Some Dentists may charge an extra fee for N20, but here at Dr. Julie Gillis’s office, we do not charge for any type of anesthesia. Please call our office if you have any questions about N2O or other ways we help make your dental treatment more comfortable!

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