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Should there be a flossing slogan? Is flossing fun?

Flossing – its good to do! Flossing is Fun! Floss first!

Oral hygiene and specifically flossing is just one more thing to get done.  But it’s important?  I think that health campaigns can make a difference in people’s health.  Think of Nike’s “Just Do It”.  Does anyone else think about blowing off exercising with lots of excuses and then BAM! you think, “Just Do It!” and you get the job done.  It is almost always a very good feeling and almost no one ever says, I wish I hadn’t spent the time exercising.  Flossing is fun and it is like exercise for our gums.  Flossing or some good type of cleaning that goes between the teeth helps our patient’s restorations last longer.  Our office wants you to be as healthy as possible!

Flossing or the many alternatives – its good to do! Flossing is Fun! Floss first!

All dentists have seen beautiful restorations (fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges) surrounded by serious gum disease.  How do we make oral hygiene a priority?  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a nationwide better oral health message like “Just Do It” worked for exercise?  I was thinking of this, “Flossing, do it FIRST!” Yup, before eating, before showering, before putting on make up, before dressing, you get the idea.  When flossing or all the things included in oral hygiene are put off until the very last thing that gets done before you rush out the door, I think oral hygiene gets short changed.

Maybe I should stick with “Flossing is Fun!”

If, on the other hand, oral hygiene is done before the other things, it gets done better.  Maybe this long message, “Oral Hygiene, Do It First and Do it Better!” could work.  We usually tell patients, ‘flossing is fun so you should not deny yourself the opportunity for fun every day!’

Maybe I’m just ever hopeful that people will care about their teeth and mouth as part of their overall health.

Flossing – its Fun! Notice how far dental floss can get below the gums to stir up the bacteria and allow ‘good’ bacteria to populate these areas to help keep the gums healthy.

Just check out how far dental floss goes gently under the gums where some of the worst bacteria are.  It is so good to change out these bacteria for new ones so that the ‘bad’ bacteria below the gums do not take up residence here and create infections in the gums and bone loss.  Keeping gums healthy protects the whole body.

Please let us know if you think of a good campaign to help improve all persons oral health.  Not sure that this will ever hit it big  with the general population but I’m hopeful.  LOL the viral flossing is Fun post!

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

Restoring Teeth, Restoring Smiles