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Although Dr. Julie Gillis would usually like to save teeth, sometimes a tooth extraction is required. Tooth extractions and oral surgery are some of the many services offered at the office of Dr. Gillis. After procedures, many of our patients have told us, “That was the most comfortable extraction I have ever had!” We think that is because we spend the time needed to assure your comfort during this or any procedure.

Why Would a Tooth Require an Extraction?

Tooth extraction is sometimes the best approach for maintaining your oral health. The most common reasons for tooth extraction include the following:

  1. If your tooth is so broken down that it has a poor chance of lasting more than a couple months or years, an extraction may be the best option.
  2. There may be financial reasons why extraction is the best option for you. Be assured that Dr. Julie Gillis and her team will review your options with you to help you make the decision that is best for you.
  3. Your tooth may be fractured into the bone, in which case it is not restorable without damaging the bone or causing harm to the adjacent teeth.

Dr. Julie Gillis and her team are very experienced in all types of tooth extractions including surgical extractions and the removal of severed root tips. Along with local anesthetic, Dr. Gillis may use nitrous oxide or medication to make your visit more comfortable. A laser may be used to assist with the actual extraction or to help eliminate discomfort after the procedure is completed.

Post-operative instructions will be carefully reviewed with you to assure your continued comfort and successful healing. Our office will also review your options to replace the tooth after the extraction if that is recommended.

Sometimes, our office will refer you to an oral surgeon if we feel that would make you more comfortable or allow for a better result. Dr. Gillis always wants what is best for you and your particular situation!

What Other Types of Oral Surgeries Does Dr. Gillis Perform?

Dr. Gillis is very skilled in many other types of oral surgery as well. These procedures include the following:

  • Exposing teeth for orthodontics
  • Reshaping gingival tissues to decrease pocketing or improve appearance
  • Removal of tissue tags, thickened or scar tissue, or papillomas
  • Frenectomies or the removal of the fibrous band of tissue tying the lip to the gums or the tongue to the floor of the mouth
  • Removal of pigmented areas
  • Gingival plastic surgery to remove and reshape excess tissue
  • Biopsies of suspected cancerous lesions
  • Reshaping the jawbone to improve the fit of dentures or partials and more!

If you or someone you know needs any type of oral surgery, please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment. Our office and Dr. Gillis would be happy to help!