Cosmetic Orthodontics in Grand Junction

Here’s How It Works

If we determine ClearCorrect is the best orthodontic option to enhance your smile, we start by capturing a series of diagnostic x-rays and bite impressions. These are used to help us design a step-by-step treatment plan to shift your teeth gradually from their current position to the ideal alignment over the course of treatment. Once we have a plan in place, we’ll send this information to our trusted ClearCorrect lab where a series of clear, plastic alignment trays will be crafted. Each tray is worn for a predetermined amount of time (about two weeks), and then exchanged for the next set in the series. Over the course of about 12 months, teeth are gently shifted into their proper alignment. With just a few periodic visits to our office to ensure the smile alignments is on track, patients see beautiful results without a mouthful of metal.

Meet Chloe

When we see things that are askew, there is often the uncontrollable urge to set it right … like a necktie that hangs to one side or a picture hanging crooked on the wall. This desire for straightening is even more prominent when it comes to our teeth. However, many forgo treatment to avoid the discomfort and hassle of traditional braces.

Adults account for nearly 25% of all orthodontic patients. The most common problems are crowded teeth, teeth spaced too far apart, protruding upper or lower teeth, and upper and lower front teeth that do not touch. Since we offer ClearCorrect or Invisalign® to correct the misalignment of front teeth, now there’s no reason to hide …

Using a series of smooth, comfortable, and virtually invisible plastic aligners – similar to a sports mouth guard or bleaching tray – we gradually and gently shift your teeth into the proper position. Every few weeks, you will receive a new aligner that continues the gradual process of realigning your teeth. These custom-made aligners are completely removable, so you can eat, d

Chloe came in a few years ago unhappy with the appearance of her misaligned teeth. Clear aligners satisfied her treatment goals without the hassle of brackets and metal wires! Call today for a consultation to see if clear aligner treatment will work for you!

Before bna-sample
After bna-sample

Every day, patients visit us and express disappointment with the way their teeth line up or how they’re positioned within smiles. In many cases, these patients think their only option is traditional, metallic bracket and wire braces. For adults who work hard to build and maintain professional images or have busy schedules, traditional orthodontics are just not a great option. Dr. Julie M. Gillis—our cosmetic dentist in Grand Junction—has training and experience in transforming patients’ smiles with ClearCorrect. This clear alignment tray system corrects even more advanced alignment issues such as over, under, and crossbite – without the time consuming hassle of traditional orthodontic treatment. If you’re interested in finding out more about ClearCorrect, contact our practice to schedule an orthodontic consultation today.