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Full Mouth Restorations Inc. Surgery

When is it necessary to complete Full Mouth Restorations & Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Let’s start this discussion by looking at a dental situation where Full Mouth Restorations are the best treatment for the patient’s concerns. This case also demonstrates a situation where Periodontal Plastic Surgery significantly improved the outcome.

Miller Lines
Miller Bna Before
Miller Bna Modified

Jody’s main concerns:

  1. Alignment – The teeth used to be even and now they slope down to the left
  2. Color – Several colors are present. She wants a more uniform look!
  3. Shape – Upper right teeth tilt in, and she feels the front teeth are too long
  4. Gums – Shows too much gum tissue – especially on the left
  5. Wear – The lower teeth are severely worn.

Jody found our office after researching many dental offices in Colorado. She wanted treatment options from Dr. Julie Gillis to address these issues. As seen in the blog on our website www.juliegillisdds.com titled ‘Treating Severely Worn and Uneven Teeth’, a work up was completed on models of Jody’s teeth. These models were mounted on an articulator to replicate Jody’s bite. The concerns could not be addressed well without the addition of periodontal plastic surgery where both the gums and the bone are modified to improve the appearance.


Over time, and due to clenching and grinding, the lower teeth became severely worn in an uneven pattern. This is pretty common as habits may be more prominent in some grinding movements than others. The body adapted by allowing the over eruption of the upper teeth into a new position.

Jody notes that when the front crowns were placed, the teeth were very straight. The upper right lateral incisor is actually an implant and crown. Because an implant is fused to the bone, it cannot move like the other teeth, so this tooth is probably very close to the position where it was placed.

Based on Dr Gillis’ model analysis combined with information from our comprehensive dental examination and consulting with our patient, the treatment process was outlined for Jody. Treatment included reshaping of the teeth, and in some areas the gums and bone around the teeth to realign the bite and satisfy her functional and cosmetic concerns.

Our patients must become partners in the success of their treatment. By understanding how their habits can effect the outcome and longevity of their dentistry, success is much more predictable!

Miller After ResultPeriodontal Plastic Surgery was completed to reshape the gums and the underlying bone to correct for the super-eruption of the teeth and improve the outcome. Jody would wear custom provisional restorations for several months to monitor how well she adapted to the new positions of the teeth and to allow time for healing of the periodontal tissues following surgery. This time is important for tissue stability and a successful outcome. While wearing temporaries, Jody and Dr. Gillis could evaluate the length and width of her teeth and the changes to her smile and bite.

Our Grand Junction, Colorado dental office and Dr. Julie Gillis are very concerned with providing the best care for our patients and offering options to improve dental health, beauty and function. Please call our office at (970) 242-3635 in you would like to have options to treat your dental concerns in our office.

Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

Restoring Teeth, Restoring Smiles