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Dental Crowns & Bridgework

Let the staff at Dr. Gillis’s office bring back your smile with crown and bridge repair.

Meet Jazmyn

Why is it that these days you can’t tell whether someone’s terrific smile is a gift of nature or has been revitalized by dentistry?

It’s because fabulous restorative materials – like porcelains and ceramics – are used to create veneers, crowns, and bridges that are so beautiful and translucent they look just like natural enamel. A talented ceramist can recreate color variations in the restoration to match the surrounding natural teeth, while at the same time altering the shape of the tooth. These restorations are strong enough to withstand natural biting pressure and, with proper care, will resist chipping and staining.

Jazmyn recently came to our office to permanently replace a missing tooth and reshape her front six teeth with a more pleasing and uniform appearance. Utilizing a porcelain bridge and conservative porcelain veneers, we were able to provide the naturally beautiful smile Jazmyn desired!

Let the staff at Dr. Gillis’s office bring back your smile with crown and bridge repair.

If you have missing, weak, or broken teeth, we can help! Teeth can be lost from trauma, periodontal disease, or may be missing since birth. Teeth may have had several fillings over their life – each one bigger than the last which makes the remaining tooth weak. Crowns or caps can strengthen the remaining tooth and help you keep it for a lifetime.

Accidents occur frequently, and unfortunately your mouth sometimes takes the brunt of the force. Tooth-damaging incidents can influence your self-image negatively and make you more susceptible to oral disease. For chipping, cracking, or tooth loss, come to the dental office of Dr. Julie Gillis to receive care from our knowledgeable staff. Our reconstructive dental practice has provided excellent crowns and bridges to patients in the Grand Junction, CO area for over two decades, so we understand the effect that marred teeth can have on your life. Our goal is to preserve teeth as conservatively as possible, while restoring health, comfort, and function to your mouth.

Dental crowns and/or bridges can be used:

  • To repair broken teeth
  • To replace missing teeth
  • To provide strength to an existing tooth
  • As a replacement for very large fillings
  • To support dental bridges
  • To add stability and function to your bite
  • Cosmetically, to conceal permanent stains

If your cracked tooth isn’t capped with a dental crown, the fracture or crack can spread to the roots, meaning that tooth extraction and replacement would be the next course of action. Don’t let your damage get that far – contact us to make your crown appointment with Dr. Gillis today.

For gaps made up of one to three missing teeth, Dr. Gillis offers dental bridges as a permanent correction solution. Our staff has years of experience providing this service to patients in need, and we’re well aware of the many benefits bridges give. The crowns that secure your bridge will only be applied to teeth with strong roots, but they can also be applied to dental implants if your existing teeth are not sturdy enough. Dr. Gillis will work with you to take notes on the size, shape, and coloring of your teeth, which are sent to the certified ceramist that creates the false teeth and bridge. This is done to match your smile and jaw as closely as we can. If you want a brighter smile, it might be worth looking into the teeth whitening treatments that we have before your bridge is ordered. Our staff will provide you with the necessary information and treatment options so you can make decisions that work best for you to return the health, function, and beauty to your smile.

Dr. Gillis’ office routinely provides crown and bridge care to patients from the Western Slope of Colorado and nearby Utah communities.  Several of our patients drive a couple hours to see us, and some even fly in! However, most of our patients hail from Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, Palisade, and Orchard Mesa.

For quality dental service you can depend on, contact our office to schedule your restorative dentistry appointment today.