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Preventing Tooth Erosion or Tooth Attrition

Dental treatment doesn't have to be scary!

Dental treatment doesn’t have to be scary!

Patients hate or at least don’t usually like having their teeth worked on. Dental treatment is often avoided due to discomfort, so whatever we can do to make dental visits easier and more comfortable for our patients the better! One of the things they do not like is having work done on their teeth and dealing with all the water spray. Also the spray of powdered old fillings and decay can be annoying. To help make your visit dental treatment. more comfortable, our office uses an Isolite during dental treatment. See the video below to see how the use of an Isolite just might make you more comfortable and safer!

In our office we use the Isolite for all types of dental treatment that may involve water spray such as tooth colored fillings, crown and bridge preparations, periodontal treatment and any bonding procedure where we must be able to achieve good isolation and protection from water or saliva. Most importantly, the Isolite makes having dental treatment more comfortable, safer and faster for our patients!

Pleased to have dental treatment completed from our caring, gentle team!

Pleased to have dental treatment completed from our caring, gentle team!

We hope you will always feel comfortable enough to tell us what we can do to make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible. We have all had dentistry on our teeth so we know how we want to be treated. Our office will do what we can to pass this knowledge and gentle dental care along to you and yours!

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Yours for better dental health,

Julie Gillis DDS, AAACD

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