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AACD blogs about our Free Dental Day

Free Dental Days Allow AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) Members
to Give Back to the Community

AACD President, Dr. John Sullivan, recently wrote about how AACD members are a “Tribe of Volunteers”. He said, “Our AACD membership has amazing dental skills, and a passion for helping others.” (See Academy Connection, Vol. 17.3, Pages 4-5.)While we are surrounded by examples of how one person can make a difference by giving of their time and resources, AACD Accredited Member Dr. Julie Gillis from Grand Junction, Colorado, shared some pictures from her practices’ recent Free Dental Day.

“I love dentistry and I wanted a way to give back to this community which has given me so much,” said Gillis. Her practice held their first Free Dental Day held last September, and in order to offer even more services to more people, she enlisted the help of Dr. Perino, an oral surgeon, and Dr. Weenig, a periodontist. “All of our staff members including hygienists, treatment assistants, and business assistants also gladly agreed to donate their time.”The decision was unanimous that the team would repeat the service again, which they did on September 24th, 2011.

“We had a wonderful day last Saturday, reported a happy Gillis. “Patients were in line for screening beginning at 3:30 a.m. Friday and everyone was very appreciative.” She said that everything flowed smoothly from start to finish on Saturday with the help of her awesome team and all the other people and businesses that contributed to help make this a very productive day, including the orthodontist from an adjacent office, Dr. Allan Hymas, who also volunteered his services, as did Gillis’ equipment specialist, Tom Dietrich.

Between the three offices represented, $71,829.00 worth of production was donated on her Free Dental Day. “Our office completed 10 PxAs, 15 oral cancer exams, 41 limited evaluations, 65 radiographs, 17 quadrants of periodontal debridement, 11 fluoride treatments, 5 specialized build up restorations, and 45 composite restorations for a total production in just our office of $21,550!”

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