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Bleaching Gray Teeth – Will tooth bleaching work?

Bleaching Gray Teeth: my teeth are gray, will they still bleach?

Even very gray teeth like these will bleach – often very successfully if the right protocol is used.

You asked this question, “Is bleaching gray teeth possible?” The answer used to be a very guarded ‘maybe’.  Bleaching gray teeth is not only probable but very likely if the dental office follows a very specific protocol.  We have recently had very good success bleaching very gray and very dark teeth with a special tooth bleaching product made by KOR and a very specific process.  Many of our patients with these types of discolorations have already tried several types of bleaching systems with little to no success.  Dark gray, banded gray, and other very dark areas just do not bleach easily.  But now there is hope.

Five years ago if the patient above asked me if they could bleach their teeth, I would have said probably not.  Today we can confidently say, “You probably can, and here is how!”

Now that we have achieved incredible success with several cases our confidence in this bleaching system is building.  The proper protocol must be followed for results like this however.  We let our patients know this so they can proceed fully informed with their treatment.  Our office does several things to help guarantee your success.  If you are interested in bleaching or if you have been told that bleaching will not work on your teeth, I encourage you to see our office for this specialized bleaching treatment. 

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