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Dr. Julie Gillis is on The Allgood News!

Dr. Gillis and some of her talented team members!

A big Thank You to Dave Allgood for featuring our office on the Allgood News!  This information from the story:

Julie Gillis, DDS

Julie Gillis is just a happy go lucky lady. She likes to run, hike, bike…anything outdoors…you’ll find this petite woman doing it. It’s something about enjoying life that Julie just seems to take to…like a dog scratching it’s back on the grass…or a cat catching a bird…smiling, happy and content is Julie. Why so happy? Maybe she just likes her job…maybe she just appreciates life…either way it’s infectious and she likes to pay it forward. Oh, and that whole smiling thing? Julie is pretty good and sharing a smile and giving a smile, that’s because Julie Gillis is actually Dr. Gillis…A dentist and giver of new smiles and self-esteem.

So it was three years ago that Julie decided to have a FREE day…that’s right…offer her services for free to people who just can’t seem to afford a dentist in these tough times. The response? Well, it was overwhelming, Julie having to turn some people away, something you don’t want to do …but the reality of time and logistics. Now, her third year in…Julie is expecting about 200 people …in 12 hours! Even her staff is working for free and she has recruited two other wonderful Dentists in town.
Why? Because it’s the right thing to do and you need to give back. Sounds so simple. Because it is. Julie says she just wants to give back to the community that has given her so much.
It sounds cheesy…but with Julie? It’s the REAL deal…just ask anybody who knows her…and just listen to her ALLGOOD News.

From Doctor to Tooth Fairy…Julie says it’s “just one day a year.” But when somebody gives of their time and profession…it’s not “just” anything. It’s the ability and the compassion and heart for what you do…and to do it for FREE.

More Information:

Phone: 970.242.3635, Grand Junction, Colorado, 81501


November 2012

Dr. Gillis and her staff