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Go Ahead – Have That Small Glass of Wine!

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This information from Dentistry Today, July 2014, page 42

Red wine just may have another health benefit!  For anyone looking for another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, this might be interesting.  A new study has found that red wine as well as grape seed extract could potentially help prevents cavities.  Ingredients in red wine may also lead to the development of natural products that ward off dental diseases with fewer side effects!

Quoted from Dentistry Today’s article, “Past research has suggested that polyphenols, grape seed extract, and wine can slow bacterial growth, so M. Victoria Noreno-Arribas, author of the book Wine Chemistry and Biochemistry, and her colleagues decided to test them under realistic conditions for the first time.  They grew cultures of bacteria responsible for dental diseases as a biofilm for several minutes in different liquids, including:

Their discovery:  red wine with or without alcohol and wine with grape seed extract were the most effective at getting rid of the bacteria.”

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Our office is not promoting drinking wine – just sharing information.  It is always smart to drink responsibly and in moderation.  Our office is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  We try to post blogs about once a week that we hope are of interest to our patients.  We welcome new patients and try to take care of our patients as we would like to be taken care of – with talent, precision, laughter, and respect.  We welcome your comments and we would love to have you follow us on Facebook.  See Dr. Julie Gillis, DDS PC

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