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Replace Missing Teeth with Partial Dentures Grand Junction, CO

If you have several missing teeth, then you know the consequences are more than cosmetic. Yes, of course, there is the fact that when you smile or speak other people see that you’ve lost teeth. Beyond this, however, missing teeth can affect your ability to speak, which may impact your confidence socially and professionally. And having even one missing tooth—to say nothing of several missing teeth—can hinder your ability to eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet, which must include raw fruits and vegetables. For these reasons, the need to replace missing teeth cannot be overstated. Dr. Julie M. Gillis is the dentist 81501 for tooth replacement with partial dentures.

Tooth loss may result from:

Whatever the reason, Dr. Gillis can help you regain your smile with a partial denture. Although complete dentures are necessary for people who have no remaining teeth, partial dentures are an appropriate oral appliance for those who are missing some of their teeth.

What is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture, also referred to as an over-denture, is a removable dental prosthesis outfitted with artificial teeth that rest on a gum-colored base. Together they replace your own missing teeth and gum tissue. In a way, this prosthesis is similar to a puzzle piece that fits on and around your existing teeth to recreate your natural-looking smile. The removable partial denture is typically connected to the remaining tooth roots or existing teeth with anchors made of metal or plastic. In this way, partial dentures fill in the gap left behind by missing teeth.

The Benefits of a Partial Denture

When you replace missing teeth with partial dentures, you not only reap the benefits of a complete smile and the ability to chew more easily, but you also preserve your overall oral health. When you have missing teeth, you are more prone to gum disease, which can lead to additional tooth loss. A partial denture also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting out of position, as well as the bone deterioration that often leads to the appearance of a sunken face among people who have lost several teeth.

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