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What is a Tooth Crown and What Are Crowns Made From?

 “My dentist said that I needed a crown, and I was like, I know right'”

This phrase was posted on my Facebook page for its humor and its relation to the tooth crowns or dental crowns used most often in dentistry to cover and protect a broken down tooth or to change the appearance of the tooth.

In Dentistry, What is a Crown and What Are Crowns Made From?  A crown is a dental restoration that is usually fabricated outside the mouth and cemented or bonded to your tooth at a separate appointment.  Crowns are generally used to restore a tooth that is so broken down or misshapen that a filling is inadequate to repair it. A tooth which requires a crown and does not receive one is often lost due to infection or fracture.

Single posterior crowns – gold and porcelain

At about the cost of a daily Starbucks coffee for one year or approximately $3.00 per day for a year, a good crown will allow you to keep a broken down tooth for many, many years! In our office we know that keeping teeth is important and we will work with you to make excellent dentistry affordable.

Different types of crowns for front teeth

Crowns can be made completely out of porcelain that can appear very natural.  There are, of course, many different types of dental porcelain used for crowns with varying combinations of strength and aesthetics that your dentist should discuss with you.  Crowns are sometimes made with a metal substructure for strength, and covered with porcelain for aesthetics.  Dentists have been making crowns out of gold for over a 100 years and this is still a very good option when strength is required and the gold color is not objectionable.

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